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Department of Interior releases details of Wyoming agreement

The Department of the Interior has released a press release outlining the details of the agreement which would give Wyoming management of the state’s wolves.

The major points of the agreement include non-Yellowstone Wyoming wolf populations being kept at or above a minimum of 100 wolves (or 10 breeding pairs) .

This minimum is based on a misinterpretation and decades old definition of a sustainable population. This combines with Yellowstone to meet the federal minimum – which dropping below would lead to re-listing – of 15 breeding pairs and 150 wolves.

Wolves will be managed within specific, variable areas as Trophy Game animals (i.e. subject to hunting seasons, some aerial gunning, and other threats)

The “concessions” made by Wyoming in this agreement are somewhat laughable.

Outside of that specified area, wolves will be considered predators, which allows for shoot on sight – there are no specific restrictions at all regarding how you can kill wolves.

Predators in Wyoming can be killed in any way you can think of. There are no significant restrictions. Wyoming on public land does prohibit the firing of weapons during night hours, and some poisons are just illegal such as Compound 1080 which can only be used in collars worn by livestock in certain states, including Wyoming.

Read the entire agreement on the Department of the Interior web site

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