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Idaho allows wolf hunting season with traps, no kill quota

[large thumbnail url=”idaho-allows-wolf-hunting-season-with-traps-no-kill-quota” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”08″ day=”01″] [thumbnail icon url=”idaho-allows-wolf-hunting-season-with-traps-no-kill-quota” filename=”news” year=”2011″ month=”08″ day=”01″] Jessica Robinson wrote this article with a dubious slant and a touch of melodrama at the beginning, but it does an efficient job of outlining the approved plan, and how the traps work.  Wolves in Idaho are in trouble.

SALMON, Idaho – The Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted Thursday for a plan that sets hunting and trapping season for the Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf. The state hopes sportsmen will help keep the wolf population in check.

But critics object to Idaho allowing hunters to use traps for the first time since the wolves were reintroduced.

The night before Fish and Game commissioners voted on the plan, there was a raucous public meeting, dominated by wolf foes. Mike and Irene Popp, a father and daughter anti-wolf team from Kamiah , testified Idaho isn’t going far enough to cut down the wolf population. Nine-year-old Irene made a particular splash.

“Can anyone tell me what’s good about the wolves?” she asked…

See what I mean about the melodrama? Anyway, if you wish to read the entire article which does improve on Idaho allows wolf hunting season with traps, no kill quota

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