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Molloy’s decision awaited following hearing regarding congressional wolf delisting

Wolves in the Courtroom

Missoula, Mont. (Reuters) –¬†Environmentalists went to federal court on Tuesday seeking to restore endangered species safeguards for some 1,200 gray wolves in Montana and Idaho removed from protection by an unprecedented act of Congress.

Conservation groups say Congress exceeded its authority by intervening in an ongoing court case to remove the wolves from the endangered species list without bothering to amend the underlying law and by presuming to exclude its action from judicial review.

Jay Tutchton, a lawyer for several groups challenging the delisting, said lawmakers sought to take a “politically expedient shortcut” that violates the constitutional separation of powers between the courts and Congress.

But government lawyers said the delisting, tucked into a budget bill signed into law by President Barack Obama in April, effectively amended the Endangered Species Act by making a special exemption for wolf populations in the Rockies…

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