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Ban on challenging wolf law should be challenged

The sentiment is understandable: Lawmakers tired of being hamstrung by court rulings that block implementation of one piece of their legislation add to their next piece of legislation a clause stating that it cannot be challenged in court.

The most recent instance of the phenomenon came this week when Wyoming’s sole U.S. representative tacked into an appropriations bill language that would bar court review of any agreement her state reaches with the federal government over management of wolves.

We don’t know exactly how widespread this practice is — similar language has been connected to wolf-management agreements involving Montana and Idaho, and it has been included in a number of proposed federal land use laws in recent years — but on its face it seems ill-advised, if not unconstitutional.

If upheld, the precedent — blocking citizens’ avenues of redress if they feel they’ve been wronged by government — raises the serious question of where a line barring citizen access to courts should be drawn…

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