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Group says wolves must be removed from Oregon by “any means necessary”

Spokesman Dale Potter is taking his anti-wolf rhetoric, and that of the group he is recognized for leading, to Salem, the state capitol of Oregon as the state debates how to handle wolves in two new bills before legislators.

Wolf Free Oregon understands no middle ground and has no interest in reasonable compromise, and defacto group leader, Dale Potter (a retired military man with a continued desire to make war it seems) confirms this himself:

“The only acceptable position is that the invasive, introduced Canadian gray wolf must be removed from the state of Oregon by any means necessary.” – Potter as quoted in an article which appeared in the Wallowa County Chieftain (03/30/2011) ┬áin a remarkably biased advertisement for the group’s planned excursion

The group peddles inaccurate and tired rhetoric as evidenced by the “Canadian gray wolf” references used continually.

We can hope that pro-wolf, or at least pro-sanity groups in Oregon will take steps to counter this reckless and medieval fear-mongering.

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