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Binghamton University welcomes a wolf

[large thumbnail url=”binghamton-university-welcomes-a-wolf” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”08″] [thumbnail icon url=”binghamton-university-welcomes-a-wolf” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”08″] Binghamton University, in New York state, welcomed a wolf from the Wolf Conservation Center, as part of an outreach initiative to safeguard the future of wolves.

The Wolf Conservation Center, a member of the HOWLNetwork, has two ambassador wolves which participate in outreach programs to educate people about the relationship wolves have with their environment and how their future can be protected.

One such ambassador, Atka, took a trip to Binghamton University, as part of an event sponsored by the Binghamton Scholars Program.

According to an article which appeared on the WICZ-TV Web site quotes Managing Director of WWC, Maggie Howell, as saying:

“If we can convince people to safeguard the future of the wolf, it also safeguards the spaces they require, which will really give so many generations to come an opportunity to have wild lands here in our country.”

Colorado has a few centers which have similar outreach programs.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center
Mission: wolf

and others.

You can attend an event which includes an ambassador wolf (such as the upcoming “Welcome Back Wolves!” event being organized by WildEarth Guardians for November 17th).

Or you can schedule a visit to one of the centers and participate in one of their special events which includes a wolf meet and greet (The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center’s Turkey Toss being an example) or take part in one of their tours which includes wolf interactions.

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