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Conservationist responds to plans to change the ESA

[large thumbnail url=”conservationist-responds-to-plans-to-change-the-esa” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”01″] [thumbnail icon url=”conservationist-responds-to-plans-to-change-the-esa” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”11″ day=”01″] Kirk Robinson, Executive Director of Western Wildlife Conservency in Salt Lake City, wrote an editorial response for the Salt Lake Tribune regarding the proposals to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List.

In his commentary “Management of wolves needs to be left up to the states” (Opinion, Oct. 16), Don Peay argued that the Endangered Species Act should be rewritten to exclude gray wolves from endangered species protection throughout the United States.

This would include all wolves in the northern Rockies and the upper Midwest, as well as the struggling Mexican gray wolf population in the Southwest which illegal killing has reduced to a mere 42 individuals.

The reason Peay gave for this startling proposal is essentially that hunters have a proprietary right to wildlife. They can shoot trophy elk for wall decorations because they buy licenses and pay excise taxes on hunting equipment, but it is unacceptable for wolves to eat elk to survive.

Wolves do eat elk and deer, and occasionally cows and sheep. But surely this cannot be a good reason to discriminate against this one species, excluding it from federal protection at the behest of special interests and in total disregard of science…

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