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Editorial: Otter huffs and puffs, again, about wolves

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-otter-huffs-and-puffs-again-about-wolves” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”10″ day=”15″] [thumbnail icon url=”editorial-otter-huffs-and-puffs-again-about-wolves” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”10″ day=”15″] Kevin Richert, writing on the Web site, is not pro-wolf. It’s not really anti-wolf either, but its certainly interesting and it carefully, and with little deviation, targets Otter for his cynical strategy and Wyoming for being the root cause of all the problems.

Gov. Butch Otter’s latest move in the wolf battle was masterful — yet cynical.

Bashing the federal government, especially the current administration, 15 days before election day? Shrewd stuff.

But Otter’s decision to yank Idaho out of wolf management will do nothing to accomplish Idaho’s ultimate (and reasonable) objective: Getting the state’s burgeoning wolf population off the federal endangered species list for good.

Until that happens, Otter’s huffing and puffing about reinstating a wolf hunt is all about politics. Nothing more…

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