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Colorado sanctuary creates a wolf day spa

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center offers their wolves something a little different to help them cool down on a hot day – a fully landscaped wolfy day spa.

The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is located near Divide, CO and is a beautiful and secluded facility which plays home to wolves, foxes and coyotes. Dozens of trees punctuate the acres of enclosures, with tall grass and wild flowers providing natural cover for the animals to doze in.

However, no matter how large an enclosure might be, these inquisitive and playful canines quickly learn the limitations of their boundaries.

The presence of numerous human visitors provides some mental stimulation for the wolf residents. They patrol the fences, watch the arriving cars, and even remind the occasional cat why sticking a tail inside the enclosure is not necessarily the best idea.

Darlene Kobobel, the founder of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, wanted to give the wolves a new experience. A place for new smells, some splish-splashing fun and a unique place for VIP tour visitors to go in order to get some wolf interactions and amazing photo opportunities.

Thus was born the new wolf spa. Separated from the rest of the enclosures, a trip to this special, and large, space plans to provide a mentally stimulating and fun experience for the wolves.

The most obvious feature is the long, intricate sequence of water falls which dominate the space. Paw deep or chest deep, the wolves have a number of ways of interacting with their new environment.

Take an afternoon to go visit the wolves of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. It’s about 45 minutes west of Colorado Springs and they offer multiple tours during the week and on the weekends. In addition to basic educational tours, they offer interactive tours, photo tours and currently a photo opportunity with their new stunning black phase wolf pup, Na’vi

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