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Wyoming holds key to wolf resolution

Restoration of federal protection for wolves in Idaho and Montana once again has put the spotlight on Wyoming. Unfortunately, our state’s leaders aren’t willing to take advantage of the best opportunity to bring conclusion to the controversy over wolves in the northern Rockies.

The Cowboy State’s refusal to modify its post-delisting wolf management plan is the reason our neighboring states are no longer in control of wolves within their borders. But Wyoming officials appear deaf to the concerns of Idaho and Montana, and are intent upon waging a continuing court battle they’re unlikely to win for a plan that doesn’t deserve such a stubborn defense.

To no one’s surprise. U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy of Montana earlier this month ruled that wolves in the northern Rockies cannot be removed from Endangered Species Act protection on a state-by-state basis. That means Idaho and Montana — which had been given control of wolves within their borders and last year conducted successful, controlled wolf hunts — can no longer do so.

Meanwhile, Wyoming officials are continuing their efforts to force the federal government to accept the state’s wolf management plan, which would allow unregulated killing of the animals over most of the state. State leaders are pinning their hopes on a favorable ruling from U.S. District Judge Alan Johnson in Cheyenne on a lawsuit brought by the state…

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