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Idaho will allow trapping and electronic calls for 2010 wolf hunt

[large thumbnail url=”idaho-will-allow-trapping-and-electronic-calls-for-2010-wolf-hunt” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”07″ day=”13″] [thumbnail icon url=”idaho-will-allow-trapping-and-electronic-calls-for-2010-wolf-hunt” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”07″ day=”13″] In the name of fair “sport” Idaho will allow hunters to trap wolves and use electronic calls in order to try and guarantee hitting what was an aggressive quota which hunters failed to achieve in 2009.

Last week saw Idaho’s Fish and Game Commission make the decision to allow trapping and electronic calling to increase the chances for hunters to kill the elusive apex predator.

The initial wolf hunting season saw hunters struggle to hit the remarkably high quota due to the fact that wolves are Рin contrast to what some are saying Рfairly sparse in population and are nervous animals which avoid signs of human habitation. This made them hard for hunters to find and kill.

Wolves which left the relative safety of Yellowstone were picked off fairly early and easily as they generally have little much reason to fear humans – but once the easy pickings were done, the successful kill rate dropped significantly as hunters struggled to find the wolves.

Idaho has yet to decide on the quota for 2010, but it is a reasonable bet that they will raise the quota from 220 (which represented 25% of the wolf population in Idaho).

Of course anti-wolf activists are delighted over this decision while pro-wolf advocates are, as you might expect, saying the decision was unnecessary and goes way too far.

However numbers speak for themselves.

Since the primary reason stated to kill off as many wolves as they can is to protect elk populations, it is interesting to note that only 6 out of 29 elk management units are below their population targets. For contrast, 10 are actually above the population targets.

It should be noted that Governor “Butch” Otter has stated (with no scientific justification) that his goal is to get wolves down to 110 animals in order to avoid federal involvement but still reduce wolves down to an unsustainable level.

Of course, this could all become moot if Judge Molloy returns federal protections to wolves in Montana and Idaho. It would seem that if Judge Molloy is watching these decisions that this particular one may give him cause for concern.

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