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“Twilight” star owns wolf hybrids

Kristen Stewart, star of the “Twilight” movie series, appeared on David Letterman’s show where he confronted her about the fact her family owns wolf-hybrids.  

David Letterman seemed determined to paint Stewart’s wolf hybrids as dangerous animals. Partially to get laughs, but there was a definite slant to the interview.

Stewart did try to point out that the animals “really are, like, hard to take care of.” And when Letterman suggested people were picking up phones to get themselves a wolf dog, she pleaded “Please don’t do that.”

However, this fell behind the joke-making which is a shame. And during his attempts to define these animals as the same as the wolves in Yellowstone, “bringing down elk herds,” Kristen to her credit quickly took a shot at hunters for wanting that privilege for themselves and that being the only reason they are hunting wolves.

All in all, Stewart handled herself okay, but didn’t hit home with the message of how tricky wolf-hybrids are to deal with. But she is clearly passionate and this is one of the bigger exposure moments for wolves and for that Kristen Stewart deserves credit and appreciation.

As always, HOWLColorado is very much against the personal ownership of wolf-hybrids as pets and believes that wolf-hybrids should only be owned by those who are fully trained in the care of these challenging animals along with the suitable facilities to house them.

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