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Public meetings held regarding proposed Montana wolf hunt plans

[large thumbnail url=”public-meetings-held-regarding-proposed-montana-wolf-hunt-plans” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”06″ day=”07″] [thumbnail icon url=”public-meetings-held-regarding-proposed-montana-wolf-hunt-plans” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”06″ day=”07″] There have been a number of meetings held around Montana regarding the proposed Montana wolf hunt plan which calls for the quote to be doubled or even tripled. The meetings served as rallying points for the increasingly active anti-wolf movement.

In missoula, the meeting was reported on by the Missoulian:

State wildlife managers want a little more time to get control of Montana’s wolf population, but many hunters believe time has already run out.

“Wolves are a native species, and they have a place on the landscape,” Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 2 Director Mack Long told about 100 people at a public meeting Tuesday evening. “But they don’t have an unlimited place on the landscape. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my career. Fish, Wildlife and Parks is trying to find the balance.”

For many in the audience, the balance was unfairly tipped years ago when wolves were reintroduced in and around Yellowstone National Park. Florence resident Eric Ralshoven said he’d seen his favorite hunting areas devastated by wolf predation. He asked how the original 1995 plan of about 300 wolves and 30 breeding pairs in a three-state area had become 560 wolves and 37 breeding pairs in Montana alone…
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From the Great Falls meeting, reported on by The Great Falls Tribune:

Bob Sherer, an optometrist from Great Falls, hunted wolves several times last year. He saw wolf tracks and even a wolf but came up empty handed.

“I’d like to have a full-size, life-sized mount,” Sherer said.

He backs the most liberal proposed wolf hunting quota proposed for 2010, which is 216. Last year, the quota was 75…
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The Bozeman meeting, reported on by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

Nearly tripling the size of the wolf hunt is the only way to see a statewide reduction in the number of gray wolves in Montana, a state wildlife biologist told of group of about 60 gathered at the Holiday Inn on Wednesday night.

Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Kurt Alt walked the crowd through the options before the state wildlife commission when it sets the fall wolf quota, which could be as low as 153 and as high as 216. The 2009 quota was 75. As Alt spoke, a noisy crowd frustrated by a wolf population it felt was too high called for everything from higher quotas to a full repeal of the Endangered Species Act.

Under the plans in front of the commission, the Madison and Gallatin drainages would be subject to a sub-quota. At minimum, 15 wolves could be killed by hunters in the area. Twenty wolves could be killed in the area if the commission decides to set the statewide quota at 216…
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