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Anti-wolf Web site proposes illegal poisoning of wolves

Lobowatch is a notorious Web site, but until recently they have focused on pushing the rhetoric of those like Jim Beers and what can only be called anti-government conspiracy theory. The site has now taken a more sinister – and illegal – approach.

The question posed by a new posting by Toby Bridges on the Web site is: “Is it time to start fighting dirty?”

However, this is not the question answered by the posting.

With paranoid statements such as:

“There has no doubt been an illegal under the table agreement between USFWS and groups like the Defenders of Wildlife, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Center for Biological Diversity, with an agenda to put an end to hunting.”

“”That Side” of the wolf issue certainly has not played clean. Every aspect of bringing those Canadian wolves into the Northern Rockies is tainted with illegally gotten gains, false claims, deceit and outright lies.”

It is clear that the entire blog posting is an attempt to evoke fear and incite illegal activity.

There is no supporting these statements of course. And everything is said carefully under the shroud of obscurity as to avoid charges of direct law breaking on the part of the writer, but as you can see it is a very thin veil.

“While the “Other Side” continues to think this is all about a legal battle in court, should Judge Malloy once again decide in favor of the environmental groups, the sportsmen of the Northern Rockies are now ready to turn to trench warfare. And that is likely to include some “chemical warfare”.”

I am sure many “sportsmen of the Northern Rockies” are less than pleased to see themselves represented by and associated with a site like this. Those hunters who believe that legal process, compromise and a philosophy of co-existance should be shouting very loudly against Lobowatch. Silence is implied endorsement.

The proposal is, of course, not to use banned poisons. Instead they suggest stocking up on Xylitol, an artificial sweetener which is fatal to canines. Used by nasty people in neighborhood disputes to lace a tasty treat to shut up that barking dog.

The last line:

“Wolf control now has a new, until now secret, weapon. I have a feeling that if Malloy goes against the wishes of today’s hunters, there’s going to be a whole lot of very sweet gut piles and wolf-killed carcasses dotting the landscape this fall. Along with some supplemental feeding of wolf pups come next spring.”

Mr. Bridges, you are suggesting illegal activity, and even if deleted, nothing on the internet truly disappears.

If you really want to read this on the lobowatch site you can do so at:

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  1. nancy kaminski

    From here this looks entirely believable. Here is the great Southwest where the Mexican wolf, Lobo, has been staging a comeback since 1998. It has been a tough road for these wolves. Poachers have killed more than 10% of the worlds entire population! There is a pattern to the killings, a pattern showing an educated wolf hunter. He knows where the wolves are. He knows when the wolves are traveling in smaller, tighter hunting areas. He knows which wolves to target to destroy the pack.
    Amazing that they named this website lobowatch.

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