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Two wolves marked for death after sheep predation in Idaho

Wildlife Service agents have been given permission to kill two wolves who have been blamed for killing 11 sheep in the Boise Foothills.

After an attack which killed 3 more sheep, Idaho Fish and Game gave Federal agents authorization to kill two wolves are believed to be responsible for the attacks.

According to a article about the situation, an agent will be on the ground using recorded wolf calls to attract them, while others are patrolling the area in a plane in hopes of shooting the wolves from the air.

You can read the entire article on Wolf hunt underway in Boise Foothills

On an editorial note:

How much do you think this wolf hunt is costing tax payers? Planes are not cheap to operate, and they are running with at least 3 employees being paid.

How much would it cost to implement deterrence measures to make sheep much less appealing?

There appears to be little interest in fixing the problem outside of just shooting the wolves.

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