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Scientifically important Montana wolf struck and killed by car

A radio-collared female wolf, which was providing important statistical information, was struck and killed by a car. She was not only scientifically important, but also a mother.

From the Missoulian Web site:

A radio-collared wolf that was a key subject in statistical modeling research to better count Montana’s wolves was struck and killed early Tuesday on Highway 83 near the Condon Post Office.

“They had to hit it at speed, because it made a pretty good mess of the animal and on the highway,” postmaster Ellie Greenough said.

The gray and brown wolf was a lactating female and the smallest known member of the Cilly Pack, one of two in the area that may commingle, said Kent Laudon, a biologist for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Region 1. Laudon estimated her pups to be six or seven weeks old…

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