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Gaining insight in to Jim Beers’ anti-government/anti-wolf campaign

[large thumbnail url=”gaining-insight-in-to-jim-beers-anti-governmentanti-wolf-campaign” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”05″ day=”21″] [thumbnail icon url=”gaining-insight-in-to-jim-beers-anti-governmentanti-wolf-campaign” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”05″ day=”21″] Jim Beers, a retired member of the US Fish and Wildlife Service – Program Coordinator for ADC (now Wildlife Services) – has been actively on a campaign against the wolf reintroduction for many years. The recent claims are that the entire wolf reintroduction program can be tied to theft, fraud and illegal activity.

These claims are numerous, convoluted and surrounded by what seems to be a lot of politically-driven rhetoric and anti-government conspiracy theory.  

To read notes taken by a biologist, Norm Bishop, who was in attendance for the May 16, 2010 speech in Bozeman, MT, visit this article on the Ralph Maughan blog: Notes on Jim Beers’ many hour long speech at Bozeman, May 16

To read the initial testimony given by Jim Beer in 1999: Witness statemet – James M. Beers

To give you some idea of the way this campaign is being presented, here is a quote from Web site where the text of Beers’ speech (or a close approximation of it) was posted.

“Editor’s Note: What follows below is essentially the text of what Jim Beers addressed an audience in Bozeman, Montana on May 16, 2010 about concerning criminal activities that surrounded the introduction of gray wolves into the Greater Yellowstone Area, and perhaps others. According to the author, the criminal activities occurred in efforts leading up to and the ultimate release of wolves and the ongoing actions to protect everyone and everything involved including the wolves themselves.

The expose is long and broken into three segments. Segment one deals with Jim Beers resume and qualifications, including personal experiences with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Segment two examines the metamorphosis of our wildlife management services federally and on a state level and how this attributed to the blatant act of stealing money from Pittman/Robertson in defiance of Congress to illegally transport animals across national boundaries. And finally, part three address a compilation of no fewer than 12 actions that could be deemed illegal activities, leaving us with the question, what are we going to do about it.

A must read for anyone concerned with government corruption, including theft and deliberate misappropriation of excise tax required by law to be spent on specific fish and game programs.”

You can read the entire blog post here: Criminal Activities By Federal Bureaucrats Pertaining To Wolf Introduction/Protection

It is important to read, and understand what is being said by Jim Beers. The voice for the anti-wolf movement is getting stronger and getting more coverage. We need to start mobilizing in terms of the getting the truth out there and clear away the smokescreen created by men such as Beers.

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