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Idaho authorizes the killing of 20 more wolves

[large thumbnail url=”idaho-authorizes-the-killing-of-20-more-wolves” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”05″ day=”17″] [thumbnail icon url=”idaho-authorizes-the-killing-of-20-more-wolves” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”05″ day=”17″] The controversial Lolo zone contains unhealthy elk herds, two of which have seen massive declines in their numbers since the mid-80s. Wolves will pay the price of trying to recover the struggling herds… in blood.

One of the most typical rhetorical arguments made by the anti-wolf lobby is to point at the Lolo elk herds and claim that the precipitous drop in their population is in direct response to the reintroduction of wolves into Idaho.

To learn more about this discussion, read this article: Maughan blog: IDFG releases Video Summarizing Wolf Hunt

To claim that the presence of wolves hasn’t had some impact on the elk numbers would be foolish, but as you will see when you dig further, the anti-wolf arguments start their tracking of the elk data in 1994 (the year before wolf reintroduction, and coincidentially the first year in a decade that the herds made a small recovery).

This is just evidence of cherry picking the data to support an argument.

The Department of Fish and Game has authorized outfitters to kill up to 20 wolves in the next six weeks to reduce the stress on the damaged Lolo herds.

While the Fish and Game Department says the action falls within their wolf management plan, it does bring up a question based on the historical data as to whether killing off predators is really what’s necessary to fix the underlying problems which have caused the herd numbers to drop for almost a quarter of a century.

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