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Editorial: Utah legislature cries wolf

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-utah-legislature-cries-wolf” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”04″ day=”26″] [thumbnail icon url=”editorial-utah-legislature-cries-wolf” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”04″ day=”26″] This editorial appeared on the Standard-Examinar Web site in response to all the various Utah legislation.

The Utah Legislature has declared war on wolves, so long as they hang out in the northeastern part of the state.

In this war between mostly white, middle-aged pols and the wild beasts, the wolves will have an advantage if they have good map readers in their ranks. Due to a self-described “message bill” from State Sen. Allen Christensen, R-North Ogden, that will take effect on May 11, a wolf who gallops west across I-15, and I-84, or south across I-80 cannot be shot, while wolves who wander east or north of those borders are fair game…

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