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EarthJustice: Wolf hunt ends, but not the fight

[large thumbnail url=”earthjustice-wolf-hunt-end-but-not-the-fight” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”04″ day=”20″] [thumbnail icon url=”earthjustice-wolf-hunt-end-but-not-the-fight” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”04″ day=”20″] Terry Winckler in a post on the EarthJustice blog – UnEarthed – talks about the legal efforts seeking to restore the Endangered Species Act protections to wolves.

This week, after seven months of dodging bullets, Idaho’s wolves got a reprieve: the statewide hunt that left 188 of them dead is over.

The actual number of wolves killed since hunting was legalized last year is more than 500—including those shot during the Montana season and others killed by governmental agents protecting livestock.

Wolves became fair game in Idaho and Montana last year after losing the protection of the Endangered Species Act—a move initiated by the Bush administration and ultimately endorsed by the Obama administration. Almost immediately after Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar agreed to the delisting, the states of Idaho and Montana announced fall hunting seasons…

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