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Mexican wolf friday: Navajo County board expected to oppose program

One cannot help but noticed the irony that a county named after the well-known native American tribe would be so opposed to the animals which held such a prominent position in native American culture.

A story written by Tammy Gray-Searles which appeared on the Web site outlines the proposed resolution from the Navajo County Board of supervisors.

The Navajo County Board of Supervisors was expected to pass a resolution Tuesday regarding the controversial reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf.

Supervisor Jerry Brownlow proposed the resolution opposing reintroduction, unless certain criteria are met.

Those criteria include: a new environmental impact statement, suspension of any releases until the environmental statement is completed, a management plan, full funding for the program and compensation for losses to ranchers.

The document notes that the environmental impact statement should “thoroughly address the social and cultural impacts to the residents of Navajo County,” and that the management plan should “deal with the releases of wolves in northern Mexico.”

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