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Wolf hit by Minnesota driver? Tests needed to confirm

Individual wolves may be moving south in Minnesota… a long way south. Tests will confirm whether an animal hit by a car in Chippewa County is a wolf or wolf-hybrid. The odd thing? If it’s confirmed to be a wolf, it will be 140 miles away from the closest known pack.

According to an article which appeared on the West Central Tribune Web site a canine was hit on a highway near Montevideo. The animal weighed in at 80lbs, which excludes coyote as a possible species. However, it could be either a wolf or a high-content wolf hybrid.

MONTEVIDEO — There are a lot of people crying wolf in Chippewa County, and they could be right.

An 81-pound canine killed in a collision with a motor vehicle on March 26 might be a timber wolf and is definitely not a coyote.

The young male animal certainly looks like a wolf, but only genetic tests can tell if it is a wolf or a wolf-dog hybrid, according to Dave Trauba, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources manager of the Lac qui Parle Wildlife Area.

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