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Idaho hunt ends; wolves dodge many bullets but likely to face lots more

Idaho’s first wolf hunt in decades comes to an end after sunset on March 31, 2010 – with the quota being unmet.

After seven months, 185 wolves were killed – which while an astounding percentage of the total wolf population for Idaho (about 20%) – it fell 35 short of the state’s declared quota.

While wolves proved quite hard to kill, and they apparantly dodged many bullets, the future holds more challenges for the wolves of Idaho. State officials hint strongly that an expanded hunt, and more tools and advantages to help hunters kill more wolves are all part of the future hunts for Idaho – assuming legal challenges don’t shut down next year’s hunt.

The Idaho wildlife management officials say they are happy with the overall success of the hunt.

Wildlife Service agents killed 138 wolves in addition to the hunt.

The hunt in addition to the “management” of the wolves in the state combined to kill close to 40 percent of the total Idaho wolf population.

Montana’s wolf hunt claimed the lives of 72 wolves, but the officials also killed more than 140 wolves.

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