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Alaskan teacher killed by “animal attack”

[large thumbnail url=”alaskan-teacher-killed-by-animal-attack” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”03″ day=”12″] [thumbnail icon url=”alaskan-teacher-killed-by-animal-attack” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”03″ day=”12″] In an email received by HOWLColorado from Andrea Gusty, Investigative reporter from KTVA-TV, examiners have ruled out other causes of death and determined an animal attack killed Alaska teacher, Candice Berner.

Investigation has determined that Candice Berner’s death was non-criminal in nature. An autopsy conducted today (Thursday) confirmed Ms. Berner died from injuries sustained in an animal attack. According to the State Medical Examiner, the manner of death is “accidental” and the cause of death is “multiple injuries due to animal mauling”. After conferring with state biologists and the community of Chignik Lake, it has been concluded that the animals most likely responsible for the attack are wolves. The Alaska State Troopers’(AST) death investigation regarding this incident is closed.

AST is providing assistance to the Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) as it addresses public safety concerns regarding wolf activity close to the community of Chignik Lake under the ADF&G Commissioner’s statutory authority. A trooper pilot and an R-44 helicopter are en route to Chignik Lake to assist Fish and Game efforts. Barring any weather or logistical issues, a trooper, as well as a representative from ADF&G, will attend a public meeting in Chignik Lake tonight to address ongoing response efforts and concerns of local residents.

It is unlikely that it will ever be determined for certain which animals attacked Berner. It is possible that DNA tests will provide some conclussive evidence. However, at this point, confirmed or not, wolves will take the blame for this attack.

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  1. DeviouslyDagmar

    Of course wolves will take the blame. I can think of few instances where they haven’t. Since people are too ignorant to actually understand how wild animals work, I’ll spell it out: They have 0% reason to even approach a human out of the blue, much less attack one. If I were to guess, I’d say it were a bear or a pack of feral dogs (which, I have discovered, are the real culprits in these so-called “wolf-attacks”).

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