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“Wolf” spotted in Bozeman turns out to be Malamute

[large thumbnail url=”wolf-spotted-in-bozeman-turns-out-to-be-malamute” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”02″ day=”12″] [thumbnail icon url=”wolf-spotted-in-bozeman-turns-out-to-be-malamute” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”02″ day=”12″] Photos distributed of a wolf in Bozeman, Montana turns out to be just an Alaskan Malamute, who was promptly adopted after getting picked up by animal control officers.

According to an article written by Daniel Person which appeared in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, emails circulated around the city containing the photo of the alleged wolf and stating that they had entered town chasing elk.  

But not so, according to city officials. Apparantly the “wolf” was an alaskan malamute – which has now been adopted.

The concern for wolf advocates was the instant reaction of fear which quickly spread, even with no confirmation of a wolf being seen. Person’s article reports of an email suggesting that wolf encroachment into the city was inevitable and that pets and kids and “anything they don’t want eaten” should be kept inside.

Person doesn’t end his article here though. He continues on to talk to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesperson who offers common sense observations and some guidelines regarding wolf-human interactions.

It just continues to prove that wolf education is sadly lacking and that we need to work harder to get the real story of wolves out there.

You can read the entire article here: Crying wolf: Photos of ‘wolf’ in Bozeman are actually of Alaskan malamute

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