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Editorial: Where art thou, Romeo?

[large thumbnail url=”editorial-where-art-thou-romeo” filename=”editorial” year=”2010″ month=”01″ day=”25″] Kim Marquis – writing for – asks a question many locals are asking about their famed celebrity wolf – Romeo.

Where art thou, Romeo?
Kim Marquis

Plenty of catastrophes can befall a wolf: icy stream crossings, a nasty spat with a bear, a fall in a crevasse, even other wolves.

Romeo faced those dangers and more because he chose to live near humans, where he could socialize with their pets. His increasing comfort around people probably upped his chances of mortality, but at age 7 or 8, he was getting up there in years and could have died naturally.

Then again, maybe he hooked up with a female wolf or joined a pack and left. That scenario seems unlikely to area biologists, but some Romeo fans like to think about it.

Neither hide nor hair of Romeo, the city’s celebrity wolf, has been seen in Juneau this winter. Residents who hiked with him every day said he was last seen in mid-September…

Read the entire editorial here: Where art thou, Romeo?

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