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Missing Bays Mountain wolf may be dead

[large thumbnail url=”missing-bays-mountain-wolf-may-be-dead” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”01″ day=”15″] [thumbnail icon url=”missing-bays-mountain-wolf-may-be-dead” filename=”news” year=”2010″ month=”01″ day=”15″] Two wolves are still missing from Bays Mountain park, more than six weeks after¬†fencing was taken down by a tree felled by a storm.

 Times-News is reporting that officials at the Bays Mountain Park believe they may be close to recovering the missing female wolf after tranquilizer-laced food was not able to sedate her.

They believe, according to the article, that an increased dose will be sufficient to knock her out and allow her to be recovered.

The officials also believe that the lack of evidence of the presense of the male wolf may indicate that he is now dead.

They don’t believe he has dispersed out of the area because they believe reports of sightings would confirm that he is still alive.

The wolves initially escaped their enclosures after a storm knocked a tree down on the fencing.

Read the full article: Bays Mountain Officials Believe One Missing Wolf May Be Dead

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