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Montana authorizes extermination of another wolf pack

[large thumbnail url=”montana-authorizes-extermination-of-another-wolf-pack” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”31″] [thumbnail icon url=”montana-authorizes-extermination-of-another-wolf-pack” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”12″ day=”31″] For the second time in as many months, Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks has authorized the destruction of an entire wolf pack in the state. 

Only weeks after approving the killing of the Mitchell Mountain wolf pack, Montana FWP have approved plans to kill all the members of the Miner Lakes pack.

The decision was made after state officials believed they had tied the pack to their fourth attack on domestic livestock.

The pack resides in Big Hole Valley, and what was once thought to be a 15-wolf pack is now targeted to complete extermination.  It is believed that this year’s Montana wolf hunt led to the death of three of the members, and the feds later trapped and killed five more.

The Associated Press attributes Wolf Program Coordinator, Carolyn Sime, with the statement that there was no choice and that the pack had not improved it’s behavior, despite attempts to change it and reducing the pack’s numbers.

There was no specific documentation provided which HOWLColorado could find regarding the alleged domestic livestock kills.

It is possible, and again there is no documentation regarding this, that the pack structure was obliterated by the actions of the last few months. It is unclear what this type of culling does to the social structure of wild wolf packs and how their hunting success and behavior is impacted.

It should be noted that these actions taken by the state of Montana, and the federal trappers, are above and beyond the quota dictated by their recent hunt which already accounted a significant percent of the total wolf population in the state.

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