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Idaho extends wolf hunt season

[thumbnail icon url=”idaho-extends-wolf-hunt-season” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”23″] Idaho Fish and Game commissioners have extended the deadlines in all wolf hunting zones which haven’t hit their quotas well in to 2010.

Three of the nine wolf hunting zones in Idaho have already closed. Three other zones are closing in our their quotas. however, according to a decision made by the Idaho Fish and Game commission on November 19, any zone which has not hit it’s limit already had it’s hunting season extended to March 31, 2010.

As of November 23, 112 wolves have been killed this season. Only a couple of wolves over the 50 percent mark of the statewide quota of 220.

HOWLColorado is particularly concerned by this decision as wolves mate, and den, between January and May. The overall impacts of this decision could be significant to the health of the wolf population in Idaho. One hunter bullet could kill half a dozen wolves. 

Defenders of Wildlife Northern Rockies representative, Suzanne Stone, released the following statement:

“Today’s decision has much deeper implications for the health of the region’s wolf population than many realize. By extending the season through the end of March, Idaho is extending it into breeding and denning season, when wolves are at their densites and therefore particularly vulnerable. Hunter knowledge of the whereabouts of denning sites is widespread. Wolves only breed once a year so the take of one pregnant wolf kills any chance of reproductive success for its pack for the year, along with the five to eight pups she was carrying.

“This is precisely the kind of mismanagement that exemplifies why Idaho’s wolf plan is inadequate and politically motivated. Hunters would never allow elk or deer to be hunted when pregnant or just after giving birth and the hunting community should not stand for this unethical treatment of wolves either. We need forward-looking decisions, based on the best available science, that ensure the sustainability of the regional wolf population in the long term instead of sacrificing professional wildlife management standards to appease anti-wolf groups.”

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