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Montana closes down wolf hunting, Idaho tops 100 wolves kill

[large thumbnail url=”montana-closes-down-wolf-hunting-idaho-tops-100-wolves-kill” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”16″] [thumbnail icon url=”montana-closes-down-wolf-hunting-idaho-tops-100-wolves-kill” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”16″]After another deadly seven days in Montana, wolves in the state are now safe from hunters, for the time being. However, The pace of wolf killings in Idaho slows, leaving more than 100 wolves left to reach their quota.


Montana has closed hunting in all zones of the state after getting within a couple of wolves of the quota in the last two Wolf Management Units (WMUs). The hunting officially ended 30 minutes after sunset on November 16th.  

The official current death toll for the state is 72, including the overkill in WMU-3. The November 10th report on the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks stated an overkill of two, with 14 animals in the zone being killed. It is unclear why the number dropped to 13 for the November 16 report. The official website for FWP stated:

Wolf hunting in Montana will close statewide Monday, November 16, 2009 at one half-hour after sunset.

The order halting the hunt came after Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials received word that quotas were close to and there was the strong possibility they would be met in WMU 1 and WMU 2.   Thirty-eight of the quota of 41 wolves had been taken in Unit 1 and 21 of 22 in WMU 2.   WMU 3 was closed on October 26, 2009, the quota of 12 wolves was exceeded by 1 in the unit.    Montana’s statewide quota was 75 wolves.


Idaho’s death toll currently sits at 104 wolves. The pace of the hunt showed a significant decrease from the previous week as hunters successfully killed seven wolves. This brought no other zones in the state to their limits, meaning only two zones (Upper Snake and McCall-Weiser) in Idaho have closed.

To reach the state’s quota of 220, 116 more wolves will be killed. The winter in Idaho will be long, and difficult for the state’s wolf population.

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