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Editorial: Man, the anti-wolf

Stan Thompson, writing for the Mooresville Tribune, offers his take on how human and non-human predators impact the surrounding ecosystem.

The following is an excerpt of the article. A link to the full story is provided at the end.

It’s a role of predators in nature to thin herds by selecting the least fit for removal from the gene pool, continually making prey species more adaptive and better able to cope with whatever challenges periodic natural calamities toss their way, thus guaranteeing prey for future wolves.

For most of our existence, Man probably played a similar role in upgrading the world’s fauna.

But over the last few centuries, the opposite may have become the case. The mechanism in play is not greed or miscalculation so much as recreation linked to a bizarre bent (now fading at last) for decorating our homes with preserved animal cadavers and ornamenting our world with “decorator” critters.

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has ever attended a dog or cat show, or the exotic poultry exhibits at the County Fair, failing to credit the Creator with more acumen in selective breeding than mankind…

Read the entire Mooresville Tribune article: Man, the anti-wolf

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  1. Stan Thompson

    I highly recommend the audio book that prompted “Man, the Anti-wolf” in the Mooresville Tribune and the Statesville Record and Landmark. The recording is: “The Modern Scholar: Ecological Planet: An Introduction to Earth’s Major Ecosystems” by ecologist Dr. John Kricher of Wheaton College—Norton, Massachusetts.

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