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Wolf hunt body count continues to climb…

[thumbnail icon url=”wolf-hunt-body-continues-to-climb” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”02″] Wolf hunt numbers reported by Montana and Idaho officials on November 2, 2009, show another significant jump, Idaho closes one area and is close to quota for others.

The wolf hunts continue unabated in Montana and Idaho. With 41 dead wolves in Montana and 85 dead in Idaho, the tally is up to 126.

The Upper Snake zone in Idaho closed once the 5 kill quota was reached, and the McCall-Weiser zone is just one shy of its 15 animal limit. WMU-3 (wolf management unit) in Montana closed October 27th after the quota was exceed.

The goals for Idaho’s wolf hunt require the killing of 220, meaning they are currently at 38 percent. The hunts are scheduled to continue until December 31st, which would mean about 60 days remain. The rate of wolf deaths is currently approximately 2.16 per day. A rate which will have to continue in order to hit the goals outlined by the state’s plans. 

Montana has reached 47.6 percent of the 77 wolf total. The wolf hunting season for the state is scheduled to end on November 29th. Though officials have reserved the right to extend the season if their quota is not reached.

The wolf hunts are the first in recent times, and were made possible when the federal government delisted the wolves, turning management responsibilities over to the individual states. Tens of thousands of hunting permits were offered for sell by the two states which elected to open hunting. Several organizations filed suit prior to the beginning of the hunts, but were denied by the judge. However, the judge did say the delisting of the wolves may have grounds for a legal challenge.

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  1. dnvrdoll1966

    I am TRULY disheartened at the loss of the Cottonwood Pack. What a tragedy! When are we going to learn that the only TRUE animals are humans?

    I am not a “tree hugger” but I am a lover of nature. I have watched my beloved Yellowstone come from unhealthy herds in the 80’s to healthy and more diverse herds since the reintroduction of the wolves! We watch them and learn from them EVERY DAY when we are in the park. I TRULY wish these murderers would learn about them, their “families” and the hierarchy with which they run their families.

    Read the book: WOLF TOTEM BY Jiang Rong and you will learn how important wolves truly are to ALL of our existence!

    PLEASE STOP THIS MURDERING RAMPAGE!!! An entire family has been destroyed. Think about that…it’s like what happened to so many families during the holocaust…they were completely destroyed! There are no ancestors to tell their stories because they were slaughtered! Humans just destroyed an entire family. I am truly sick about this!!! PLEASE STOP THE KILLING!!!

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