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Study: Falklands Wolf mystery closer to explanation

[thumbnail icon url=”study-falklands-wolf-mystery” filename=”science” year=”2009″ month=”11″ day=”02″] A ScienceDaily article is reporting that researchers may have found new clues about the mystery behind the extinct Falklands Wolf.

Darwin described a canid on the Falkland Islands – which is odd for a number of reasons. First, it’s hundreds of miles off the South American coast, begging the obvious question “how did they get there?” Second, the wolves were the only native mammals on the island.

The ScienceDaily article says: “researchers reporting in the November 3rd issue of Current Biology who have compared DNA from four of the world’s dozen or so known Falklands wolf museum specimens to that of living canids offer new insight into the evolutionary ancestry of these enigmatic carnivores.”

The research – being published in the November issue of Current Biology – talks about clues to the origins of the wolf as the studies have resulted in Graham Slater – of the University of California, Los Angeles – and his team determining a much more surprising closest living relative. Interestingly, the samples also demonstrated a link to a common ancestor – 70,000 years ago. Suggesting the wolves arrived on the islands prior to end of the last ice age. 

Read the ScienceDaily’s New Clues To Extinct Falklands Wolf Mystery article.

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