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Massive Times Square ad hopes to raise wolf hunt awareness

Defenders of Wildlife small logoDefenders of Wildlife is trying to raise public awareness about the wolf hunts with a 15 second video – on the massive CBS superscreen.

After a very successful fundraising campaign, Defenders of Wildlife has taken their ad campaign to New York, New York.

Defenders Ad in Times Square (artist rendition)

Defenders Ad in Times Square (artist rendition)

The hope is to run the video ad – which runs about 15 seconds, and features attractive wolf imagery, a number to text in order to donate to the fund, and the words “They are being killed” – through the end of the year.

It appears on the 520-square-foot CBS superscreen on 42nd street.
However, the ad currently only has the funds to run through December 15th – Donate now to keep the Defenders ad up longer.

Montana-based Bozeman Daily Chronicle received an e-mail from Defenders of Wildlife, according to staff writer Daniel  Person. It was unclear if the e-mail was solicited or not, but it was sent by Erin McCallum (media relations contact for the Northern Rockies wolf programs at Defenders).

HOWLColorado contacted Erin ourselves and asked for some. We also asked if there were plans to publish the ad online for all of us to see.

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