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Montana Man cited for illegally killing two wolves

[thumbnail icon url=”montana-man-cited-for-illegally-killing-two-wolves” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”10″ day=”28″] The Associated Press is reporting that a Columbia Falls man, which officials refused to name, was cited for illegal hunting of wolves in Northern Montana in early October.

The wolf killings took place on October 9, and the bodies were discovered  around the North Fork Flathead drainage in northwest Montana, where hunting was closed.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks did not release the name of the man, but did say he paid a fine of $1,135 after pleading guilty during his appearing in Flathead County Justice Court.   

Another wolf was left in the Red Meadow drainage of the North Fork Flathead.  Wardens are continuing to investigate that killing.

It is interesting to note the comments on a Billings, Montana news site in regards to this story.

It is relatively common for hunters to find this behavior to be inexcusable.

unity said on: October 27, 2009, 1:27 pm I was born and raised in Montana and have been a hunter for almost fifty years. This guy is not a hunter, he’s a killer. A real hunter does not decide which laws he will obey and which laws he will ignore and the jerk who shot the two wolves is anything but a hero.” – Billings Gazette

The following was a far more common reaction, which indicates the high level of education, and the types of opinions endemic to states such as Montana.

Nightmare said on: October 27, 2009, 7:16 am F&G sold 11,000 tags, there should be at least 5500 dead wolves. Sounds like we have 5400 more to shoot. The only good wolf is a DEAD wolf. Our grandparents KNEW more than those “nut jobs” from back east that want wolves brought back to Montana & other western states. If they want wolves they can have them in Laffette & Central park. Lot more of those “nut jobs” could “enjoy wolves” there. If I see a wolf I’ll try to make it a “good wolf”.” – Billings Gazette

The role of sites like HOWLColorado, and the various zoos and sanctuaries around the country, is to ceaselessly attempt to reach even the most extreme people and at least provide them with accurate information and scientific facts in the hope of removing the fear which creates such strong opposition.

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