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Latest wolf hunting tally from Montana and Idaho over 100

[thumbnail icon url=”latest-wolf-hunting-montana-idaho” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”10″ day=”28″] Montana and Idaho’s wolf hunts continue, and it seems like the elusive predators are not eluding the hunters.

Montana Wildlife, Fish & Game released the latest numbers on their website Tuesday, and the tally is currently 25 wolves out of the statewide quota of 77. The hunt in Montana still has a little over a month left to go before the soft deadline, which state officials have the option of extending to the end of the year if the quota isn’t met.

Montana wildlife officials were surprised by the number of wolves killed in the southern part of the state already. The unexpectedly high success rate for the hunters in the area is attributed to several of the animals shot being from the Yellowstone National Park, which borders the region. The wolves left the protections of the park, and the relative lack of fear of humans proved deadly.

Famed members of the Cottonwood pack were among the initial nine victims of Montana’s limited hunting season.

Once general hunting season began, four more wolves were swiftly targeted in the vulnerable WMU-3 region, putting the kill count at 13, one more than the 12 animal quota. Officials responded just one day later by closing down hunting for the entire region.

Idaho posted updated information on their website on Monday, October 26. The entire state is still open to wolf hunting. Most of the areas of the state close hunting on December 31, and with a couple of areas edging towards the designated quotas, it isn’t yet certain how Idaho officials will respond once a quota is met.

The current body count in Idaho is 80 wolves out of the quota of 220, which accounts for 26% of the state’s wolf population. 

This brings the total of wolves killed this year to 105.

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