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LA Times: Montana wolf hunt is stalked by controversy

[thumbnail icon url=”la-times-montana-wolf-hunt-stalked-by-controversy” filename=”news” year=”2009″ month=”10″ day=”27″] Kim Murphy, of the LA Times, wrote a comprehensive story regarding the Montana wolf hunt.

Excerpt from the article:

Reporting from Gardiner, Mont. –

Wolf 527 was a survivor. She lived through a rival pack’s crippling 12-day siege of her den. When another pair of wolves laid down stakes in her territory, she killed the mother and picked off the pups while the invader’s mate howled nearby in frustration and fury.

She was not a charmer. But successful wolves are not known for their geniality. She was large and black and wary — and cruel when she needed to be. As the alpha female of the Cottonwood Creek pack, she also was equipped with a radio collar so wildlife biologists could track her movements, making her one of Yellowstone National Park’s best-known wolves.

[Read the full article]I found some of this article to be disturbing to an extreme degree. The fact that the hunters shot wolves who showed no fear of humans is heartbreaking as they had learned humans were no threat and that their home was safe.

I also found some of the statements made in the article to be difficult to believe. However, once you have read the article, you can give consideration to the viability and likelihood of cannibalism in any reasonable and healthy system and some of the other events.

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