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Manitowoc wolf sighting not likely the last

HOWLColorado : News The recent wolf sighting in northern Manitowoc County is likely not the last, according to DNR Wildlife biologist Aaron Buchholz, but only as transient visitors.

from WBAY-TV

The recent confirmation of a wolf in northern Manitowoc County is raising some eyebrows, but state wildlife biologists say it won’t be the last.

A hunter’s trail camera captured an image of the gray wolf two weeks ago near Tisch Mills.

According to DNR Wildlife biologist Aaron Buchholz, there’s a direct link to the flourishing wolf population in Northern Wisconsin.

“Some of the wolf territory in Northern Wisconsin is already consumed by packs, and because they’re territorial animals they got to find their own spot.”

Buchholz says wolves heading south is happening more and more.

Last year in Manitowoc County a coyote hunter accidentally shot a wolf, and Buchholz says this spring he received numerous credible sightings near Francis Creek.

But that doesn’t mean these big woods animals are calling this area home. Buchholz says there are too many people, homes, and farms…

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