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Washington State publishes wolf management plan proposals

HOWLColorado : News The state of Washington still considers their limited number of wolves to be endangered, and are therefore protected, however they have published proposed options for how best to manage wolves when they believe the wolf population reaches the level needed to remove their protections in the state.

Here are the stated goals for the preferred option:

  1. Restore the wolf population in Washington to a self-sustaining size and geographic distribution that will result in wolves having a high probability of persisting in the state 41 through the foreseeable future (>100 years).
  2. Manage wolf-livestock conflicts in a way that minimizes livestock losses, while at the same time not negatively impacting the recovery or long-term perpetuation of a sustainable wolf population.
  3. Manage ungulate populations in Washington to maintain harvest opportunities for hunters and an adequate prey base for wolves so that wolf conservation goals can be met.
  4. Develop public understanding of the conservation and management needs of wolves in Washington, thereby promoting the public’s coexistence with the species.


Seems good to me!  [Read the complete document.]

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