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Study: Older wolves rely on a type of “social security” to survive

HOWLColorado : Science Danial MacNulty, from the University of Minnesota, and other researchers have learned that older wolves, while a little wiser with their hunting tactics, rely on youthful hunters as they age.

Not surprisingly, the study reveals that wolves have a prime age for hunting, and it’s quite young. Once that optimal age has passed and the wolf begins to slow down, they rely on the younger wolves to do the hunting, in a sort of “social security” program.

Of course, even an older wolf isn’t worthless in the hunt, but instead of relying on pure power, the older wolves hunt smarter.

HOWLColorado will be publishing a few more of Daniel MacNulty’s research papers over the next few weeks. After I have read them 😛

To read the entire study, Mr. MacNulty very kindly provided the full PDFs for distribution through our site, which you can download by clicking here.

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