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Montana hunt body count at 9

HOWLColorado : News The Associated Press released a story confirming the number to be 9, through the end of last week, for the number of wolves killed in Montana.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) ― Hunters in Montana reported taking nine wolves through the end of last week in the state’s first-ever organized wolf hunt.

Gray wolves were removed from the endangered species list in Montana and Idaho this spring after climbing back from near-extermination last century. Before their endangered listing, the animals were poisoned, shot and trapped, but never subject to a regulated hunting season.

This year’s hunt has a quota of 75 of the predators.

Montana wildlife officials say the hunts are needed to control increasingly frequent wolf attacks on livestock. But environmentalists who filed a lawsuit over the issue say the species remains at risk.

More than 10,500 wolf licenses have been sold in Montana this year, only 50 of them to nonresidents – Associated Press

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