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California “pet ban” put on hold

HOWLColorado : NewsAccording to our California-based partners,, an October 1st hearing has delayed any decisions

The proposed ruling would remove the requirement for the Fish and Game Wardens or Animal Control Officers to prove an animal to be a regulated species.

If an animal “looks related” to a wild species, it would be subject to seizure, or strict containment rules. This includes “wolfy-looking” canines. Sadly, if even the most advanced genetic test  is challenged to tell the difference between a poodle and a wolf, expecting a human to tell, through visual comparison, the difference between a huskie and a wolf-dog without any burden of proof is asking too much and is simply a dangerous abandonment of science.

To follow the progress of this poorly thought out proposal, visit  Humane Outreach for Wolves’ website. We will post updates on as we get them.

For the record, HOWLColorado believes wolf-hybrids are never suitable pets.

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