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Researcher studies wolves vs. livestock

HOWLColorado : ScienceWolves continue to thrive in Minnesota, and the process to remove them from the Endangered Species List continues. While that is good news for the species, it will present new wolf management problems. Near Thief River Falls in the northwestern corner of the state, new research showing wolves are little threat to livestock worries some farmers.

Andreas Chavez is a graduate student from Utah State University. He’s completing a two-year study of the two wolf packs roaming the Agassiz Wildlife Refuge.

“The importance of it was – it was one of the first studies that was able to document what was going on between wolves and livestock,” he says.

Chavez looked at the potential threat of the wolves to livestock in the area, and the perceived threat of the packs to farmers and ranchers.

“The actual threat seemed really low, given that there were only an average of two depredation incidents a year,” says Chavez. “The risk is determined by other factors, such as the availability of wild prey for the wolves.”

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